Samico Inc.

For Our Clients: The Finest Business Asset Is Exceptional Employees!

Samico Professional Service has established a solid reputation in providing exceptional employees to our clients that includes utilities, architect/engineering firms, research facilities, and a variety of private sector companies. Our employees and candidates have consistently performed over and above the expectations of our clients, resulting in numerous successes in restoring project integrity, achieving project completion ahead of scheduled deadlines, and have achieved enormous savings for our clients in terms of capital expenditures and increased productivity. 


The ability of Samico Professional Service to source and mobilize personnel on short notice is of great benefit to our clients. Our candidate base of engineering, project management & controls, work control/planning, information technology and administrative professionals extends nationwide.


To satisfy the unique requirements of our clients, Samico continually updates resumes and contact information in our extensive database, and our expert staff continually solicits new candidates while maintaining continual contact and integrity with our current candidates.


Samico Professional Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Search Firm. Consultants and candidates for direct hire are sourced based upon their expertise and abilities - all qualified candidates are presented without regard to race, gender, religion, disability or origin. Diversity recruitment is actively practiced in all recruiting efforts.


Samico Professional Service is certified as a woman owned business through the Women and Minority Business Enterprise Clearinghouse, and the State of Tennessee Department of Transportation.


 Samico Professional Service Supports Clients Nationwide.
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